In a competitive and globalized world, our services in this area allow us to evaluate companies in order to identify strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations in accordance with international standards and national laws.

Together with our clients, we manage to mitigate the legal, operational and reputational risks with respect to money laundering, terrorist financing and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Among the main services we offer in this area are:

– Compliance assessment
– Development of manuals and forms
– Development of risk matrices
– Case reviews
– Compliance consulting in general
– Due diligence
– Training: in-house training or e-learning.

E-learning courses on a world class platform

Since 2012, we have developed e-learning courses for banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. As of 2018, we have started a strategic relationship with the technology and learning company, Area9 Lyceum who offers an innovative digital platform for e-learning.

New compliance course for banks in Panama

Law 23 of 2015 requires that all obliged subjects – financial and non-financial – train their personnel annually in compliance matters.

Our e-learning course – with the following characteristics – is aimed at all levels within the banking institutions with the following characteristics:

– Everything you need to know about anti-money laundering with a risk-based approach
– International and national legal frameworks
– Always updated with laws and regulations


Our courses are developed on a world class platform, Area9 Rhapsode™. It is an adaptive learning platform that provides each learner with a “personal tutor” based on artificial intelligence. Area9 Rhapsode™ applies 21st century learning science and takes into account the already existing knowledge and abilities of each student.

The platform can be accessed on any type of device (computer, tablet or cell phone)

Benefits for the organization:

– Flexible and easy to adjust, adapt, and update
– Efficient use of resources
– Identifies the opportunities and strengths of the student
– Automatically generates comprehensive data analysis of the learners´ activity and performance

Benefits for the learner:

– Reaches the learner in a way that traditional e-learning does not
– Reveals real knowledge and abilities against perceived ones
– Individualizes the content and rhythm for each level
– Issues certificate upon completion of the course

Area 9 - Lyceum
Area 9 - Lyceum

Evaluation of financial and administrative management

More than 10 years of experience in the evaluation of the financial and administrative capabilities of NGOs and public authorities, in accordance with a United Nations methodology and applying relevant international accounting standards.

We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the institution. We recommend actions that are part of a development plan and that allow the optimization of the institution´s capabilities and efficiency.

Strategic political management

Under the political area, we carry out various short, medium, and long-term analysis in order to understand and recommend optimal solutions based on evaluations of prospective scenarios.

Some of the services we provide are: general political analysis, impact management projects, political mapping, stakeholder management, and market studies.

Strategic planning

We accompany your company or institution to identify goals and results in the medium and long term, to guide and align its programs in order to improve its profitability and harmonious development.

We offer tools for analyzing strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats; of prioritization and planning such as the theory of changes and the chain of results, of action plans, tools for evaluation, monitoring and measurement of results.

Corporate governance

To ensure the compliance of norms that regulate Corporate Governance, we advise our clients on the assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and follow up of the operation of each governing body of the company.

We provide precise tools to implement an internal control system allowing senior management the achievement of the company’s objectives and its sustainable growth.

Corporate social responsibility

In 2007, we were certified as CSR consultants in a training program organized by the Panamanian Chapter of the UN Global Compact and the Inter-American Development Bank.

We help companies align their CSR activities according to the nature and essence of their business. We also help them in effectively communicating these activities to its stakeholders.

Some of the services we provide are: diagnosis and analysis of national, regional and global trends, stakeholder mapping, strategic planning and CSR implementation into the business plan, application and analysis of CSR indicators, and sustainability reports.

Certified translation service

Our team offers official certified translations from Spanish – English and vice versa. We specialize in the areas of insurance, reinsurance, finance, legal, maritime, marketing and engineering.