e-learning courses on a world class platform

Since Berg Associates was founded, training has been a significant part of the solutions we have provided our clients with.

Since 2012, we have been developing e-learning courses, primarily to financial institutions and non-financial obligated subjects.

Today, we offer e-learning courses developed with cutting edge technology to all our clients in our multisectoral portfolio.

Our courses are developed on a world-class platform, Rhapsode™ from Area9 Lyceum, a global leader in adaptive e-learning technologies with over 30 million learners worldwide.

This innovative platform operates with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and algorithms. It is an adaptive learning system, which adjusts to the needs and knowledge of each student, adapting the learning, in real time, teaching only what the student does not know, and reinforcing weak areas of knowledge. In other words, it is a “Personal Tutor”.

The platform resides on Amazon Web Services and can be accessed with an email and password, whether on computers, tablets, or smartphones.

The platform can be accessed on any type of device (computer, tablet or cell phone)

Benefits for the organization:
– Flexible and easy to adjust, adapt, and update
– Efficient use of resources
– Identifies the opportunities and strengths of the student
– Automatically generates comprehensive data analysis of the learners´ activity and performance

Benefits for the learner:
– Reaches the learner in a way that traditional e-learning does not
– Reveals real knowledge and abilities against perceived ones
– Individualizes the content and rhythm for each level
– Issues certificate upon completion of a course

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