Webinar: How to Prepare for Success in Uncertain Times

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Given the current circumstances of Covid-19, we are – together with Quality Corp. – organizing a series of free Webinars where we touch on different topics directed to all the obligated subjects in Panama as well as in other countries.

The panelists are people specialized in all topics related to compliance, risk assessment and mitigation, in the risk-based approach, as well as information security.

In our first Webinar we have the participation of three people:

Issamary Sánchez Ortega

Issamary Sanchez Ortega is the Ambassador of the Republic of Panama to France, the first woman to obtain the degree of Doctor of Laws from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Panama. Before being appointed Ambassador she was Director and Advisor of the FAU and USCI of the Ministry of the Presidency of the Republic of Panama. She specializes in compliance issues. More info.

Rebeca Chacón de Pasco

Rebeca Chacón de Pasco, is a Qualita Corp/Optima LATAM Advisor and Consultant at Qualita. She is a consultant specialized in the area of internal control, compliance, corporate governance, as well as forensic investigation. She is a graduate of INCAE, Florida International University, and FIBA, among others. She has extensive experience acquired in seven years at St. Georges Bank, where she has held several positions related to her expertise. More info.

Victoria Figge-Cederkvist

After her business studies in Canada, she began developing her professional career as a senior administrative manager in the areas of insurance, reinsurance, legal, and international trade.

She was the first woman president of the Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE). In that period, she served as vice president of CoNEP. She was a Founding Trustee of the Labor Foundation. In 1994, she was appointed General Manager of the Colon Free Zone. In that position she was appointed co-chair of the High-Level Commission for the fight against Money Laundering, where the first laws on the subject were drafted and the Financial Analysis Unit (UAF) was created, of which she was the first director in 1997.

She founded Berg Associates in 1999, providing regional services to government entities, banks, remittance companies, law firms, and foreign trade. More info.

Webinar Details

Title: How to Prepare for Success in Uncertain Times
Language: Spanish

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